At the start of the 1980’s, as the elements of hip hop spread beyond New York City and onto these shores, the London scene began to take shape after early initial visits from Futura 2000, the Rock Steady Crew and the screening of the legendary hip hop movie “Wild Style”.

Developing in London clubs such as The Titanic and The Peoples Club, in the streets of Ladbroke Grove and in other cities such as Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester, by 1984 higher profile jams began to be organised, many catering to the under 18’s.

Our exhibitions emphasize the imagery of select flyers from the early 80’s and our intention is to re-introduce some pioneers names that are often overlooked in the documentation of the history. We hope this will inspire some memories and discussions about that period of time. From the Mighty Mastermind Roadshow to Newtrament, Cosmic Jam, Cool Cash C, Sir Drew, Imperial Mixers, Steve Devonne, Family Quest and many, many others. These individuals helped shape a culture that is still a way of life for so many of us today.


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